Dear Baby Me: July 29, 1995


Dear Journal,
Last night was fun. We went to the theater to see Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home. It was good – much better then number 1. It had more action and I like action. The only problem was that throughout the movie they were talking about the spirits and stuff. I finished number 2 and 3 of the Babysitters Club books. They were very good. A week from tomorrow is camp. It’s kind-of intimidating, but it sounds fun. I really don’t have anything more to write about so I’d better get going. Bye!
Love Meg

Dear Journal,
I know that twice in a day is different for me but I’ve decided to do something from now on and that is that I’m going to tell you the names, starring actors, what it’s rated, whether I want to see it and, (the next day of course) what mom and dad thought of it if it’s their movie. Joey got Candleshoe, starring Jody Foster. I’ve already seen it – it’s good. Rated G and mom and dad liked it. Mom and dad got A. Everytime We Say Goodbye. Starring Tom Hanks. I don’t want to see it – it looks boring. Rated PG-13. Mom and dad thought it was OK. B. Little Nikita. Starring Sidney Potter and River Phoenix. Rated PG. I want to see it – it looks exciting. Thats all!
Love Meg


Dear Baby Me,

This is a much more interesting entry to me for what you leave out than for what you put in. Well, part of it anyway. We’ll start with that part. I remember you reading The Babysitter’s Club. You only read a few of them and you were hiding it from your mother because you weren’t allowed to read them. The reasoning given was not because they had anything explicitly offensive in them but because your mother felt they were “a waste of time and there were better things you could be reading.” Coming from the woman who now reads almost exclusively Christian romance novels, that’s kind-of amusing but it is also true. So it’s interesting to me that you talk about reading them but not about the fact that you’re like reading them literally sitting in your closet in case your mother walked in.

Also hilarious review of Free Willy 2. I am a fan of it, all of the parts. I can’t say I remember Free Willy 2 but I feel pretty confident that it wasn’t a lot better than the first one.

It’s interesting (although maybe not surprising, I guess) to see how important mom and dad’s opinion of a movie is to you. You rented Little Nikita like… 18 years later and by then were so uninterested in it that you let it sit around your house forever before mailing it back to Netflix. Life is a funny thing.

Love, Me


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