Dear Baby Me: July 27, 1995


Dear Journal,
Jack wasn’t at swimming lessons today, so unless he comes tomorrow I’ll probably never see him again because mom never learned his last name. WAAAAAAAAAA! It makes me sort of sad. Well I’d better talk about something else. I’ll do the backs of my new library books.
Rose Wilder Her Story by Rose Wilder Lane and Lea MacBride Roger
Rose Wilder Lane had the great good fortune to be the daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder whose books have been champion bestsellers for years, and whose greatest bestseller, The Little House on the Prarie, is the basis of the perennially popular prime-time television series. This is Rose’s story, sure to please all who loved Laura Ingalls Wilder, as well as the many thousands who know and love Rose’s own bestselling books.
I’m tired of writing this much so what I’m going to do now is tell you the names and authers of the books wether they’re fiction, nonfiction, biography or science fiction and wether I’ve read it before or not.
Rose Wilder Lane Her Story by Rose Wilder Lane and Robert Lea MacBride. Biography. Havn’t read. The Prince and the Lily by James Brough. Biography. Havn’t read. The Courage of Docter Lister by Iris Noble. Biography. Havn’t read. Abe Lincoln Log Cabin to White House by Sterling North. Biography. Haven’t read. Star Wars Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn. Fiction. Have read. That’s all of ‘em. Good night, Journal.
Love Meg
P.S. It’s 9:40.


Dear Baby Me,

First off, you make me laugh. Your overdramatic shriek of pain, followed by a pragmatic “it makes me sort of sad” is basically my favorite thing. I think it does point to a little bit of how you were aware or becoming aware that your drama was something of an act.

Sadly you never did see Jack again and that is too bad. He was a really nice kid from what I remember. I do recall that your mom seemed to feel really bad that she hadn’t gotten their information.

Thank goodness you got tired of writing so much. Seriously, you weird, weird little kid. I don’t know what to say about all those except it’s clear you were going through a phase and that’s interesting because I actually didn’t remember that you were into biographies when you were a kid? I’m very into them now but I didn’t remember that was a thing that started young. Also damn you did love those Timothy Zahn Star Wars books, you little nerd you. *shakes head* Did you not know that there were any other possible genres, by the way?

Love Me

P.S. I assume the reason you mentioned that it was 9:40 is because your bedtime was 9:30. This too is adorable.


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