Dear Baby Me: July 26, 1995


Dear Journal,
How are you? Nothing new. No swimming lessons today – to windy. We ate lunch at Arby’s and went to Grandma’s where we watched the usual shows, which include Saved by the Bell, Growing Pains, The New Lassie, I’m Telling, Masters of the Maze, Batman and, Rin Tin Tin. All in all it was a pretty good day.
Love Meg
P.S. I can hardly wait till Friday!
P.S. S. The boy’s have K’s birthday party on Saturday and on Monday we’re having J’s. K’s is at Discovery Zone and J’s is at McDonald’s where they just put in a huge new playground.


Dear Baby Me,

I am amused that you included all of your tv shows. This is exactly like something you would do in one of your journal entries now, to be honest. Although now you would probably write more about them. I definitely remember the fixation on Saved by the Bell and also your love of Growing Pains (oh, baby Kirk Cameron) but I don’t remember what I’m Telling or Masters of the Maze were. I’m thinking possibly game shows of some kind? I am too lazy to google. I’m sure they were remarkable though. I do remember this being a thing, where you had a really strict tv schedule that you guys followed while you were at Grandma’s. Really… much less has changed than you’d think on this front.

Also apparently climbing around in giant plastic tubes that smell like urine and hurt your knees is still super exciting at this point in your life. So, enjoy that while you can I guess?

Love, Me


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