Dear Baby Me: July 25, 1995


Dear Journal,
If you read the card I put in here you’ve probably already geussed – Jana moved! I miss her. She never even got to spend the night. I spent the night at Monica’s last Friday and this Friday I’m spending the night at Amy’s! I can hardly wait! I started swimming lessons last Monday. Last week my class was all boy’s! But I made a friend. His name is Jack. He’s with his dad and stepmom for the summer. He’s nice. I know a lot of kids wouldn’t understand the fact that he’s just a friend not a boyfriend. Also camp’s not to far off. It starts August 6th. I’m excited about that to. Guess what? I found a radio station thats not christian but mom and dad let me listen to it – it’s called Soft Rock Café. It’s cool!!
Love Meg


Dear Baby Me,

Ah, to move without a sleepover. Clearly the cruelest fate an 11-year-old can experience. I can tell how very upset you are about it given the two sentences you spend. Truthfully this is just kind-of what you do – you move on. I’m sure you were sad to not have anyone to hang out with at church anymore and Jana was nice from what I remember. Still. There are other things happening here.

Your friendship with Jack is sweet and worth noting because it is probably the last time that you will be friends with a boy without making it something more for the foreseeable future. He was nice to you and you had fun with him and yes, it might have crossed your mind that sometimes other things can come from that but it was too real to look at that seriously. He was your friend for at least a few weeks, and that’s nice. He would be the last boy for a long, long time.

Last but not at all least, let’s take just a moment to examine how supremely dorky you were. The Soft Rock Cafe is many, many things but, as can really be inferred just from it’s name, cool is not one of them. I swear to you, just because the music it plays is not Christian, that doesn’t mean it’s… good. Just because you’re allowed to listen to something or watch something or read something, that doesn’t mean it’s worth experiencing. But you’re many years away from that yet. For now, enjoy the terrible sounds of Delilah and unoffensive soft rock music.

Love, Me.


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