Dear Baby Me: July 10, 1995


Dear Journal,
Mom gave me my library books back yesterday. Friday night was one of the best nights in my life! My slumber party was that night. We swam till about nine and talked till two. Saturday night I was up till 12:30! We – me and my mom – stayed up till 11:30 watching Sleepless in Seattle. It was good. Dave didn’t spend the night. He didn’t think he’d get enough sleep. That paper in the back. The one called Aron and Dreyfuss, is for my testing tomorrow. It’s from one to three. I’ve gotta go now or dad’ll get mad. It’s 9:38.
Love Meg
P.S. I stayed awake till 12:30 waiting for dad.



Dear Baby Me,

Okay, my first question that I don’t totally understand. If mom took the library books away because you hadn’t written in your journal, why did it take her four days to give them back after you did? Or three, I guess. But still.

I actually do kind-of remember staying up with mom and watching the movie. She made popcorn, it was one of your rare mother/daughter things or whatever. I have this weird memory of sitting awkwardly next to her on the couch, eating popcorn. Not snuggling, because that was not a thing you ever did by this point.

Also, once again I find it adorable how you have to point out how late you got to stay up for things. Very endearing.

Love, Me


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