Dear Baby Me: June 19, 1995


Dear Journal,
Today I saw Greg I. at the library. I don’t know if I told you about him but I figured out I have a major crush on him. I got butterflies in my stomach every time he came near me. I was dying for him to talk to me but he didn’t. This is going to be a long entry cause I’m going to write down the inside of the bookflaps of the new library books I’ve got and others I’m going to read.

Night of the Masks by Andre Norton.
To Nik Kolherne, no price seemed too high to pay for cosmetic surgery on his hideously disfigured face – a deformity that otherwise would keep him forever in the Dipple, a sordid settlement for those dispossessed in interplanetary wars. All he was asked to do was lure a small boy, Vandy, from the high-security villa where his warlord father had hidden him and hold him until he revealed information the Thieves Guild wanted. The plan went smoothly and Nik and Vandy were shipped off to Dis, a burned-out planet inhabited only by outlaws. But once there Nik found that he and Vandy were prisoners and Vandy’s life was threatened. In their nightmare flight to escape, during which Nik was driven almost to the edge of sanity, he came to realize at last that a man’s worth is determined by his actions not his face.

Breed to Come by Andre Norton
When desperate measures fail to control what they had begun and could not stop, men fled their polluted planet, leaving behind an epidemic virus born of experimentation. Unlike men, whom the disease destroyed, the animals of the planet thrived, each generation more forceful and intelligent then the last. Of those born with heightened intellegence and manuel dexterity among the cats was Gammage, who had cut himself off from his pride to live in the ruins of what was once a vast university complex. His experiments there had earned him the reputation of a sorcerer among his own people: many boasted they would go to see him, few actually went, and those who did never returned. Furtig, a young warrior of Gammage’s own family line, was one of those who went. There he found a vast band of cats, all more highly evolved then those outside, working with Gammage to master the works of man. From them he learned that the Demons – as men were called – were not legend as he had thought but real, and that the danger of their return to the planet was immenent. In the extraordinary climax to Breed to Come, precipitated by the landing of a spaceship bearing men of the feared exile race, both animals and men must make soul-tearing decisions as to their loyalties and the use they will make of the knowledge at their command.

Star Gate by Andre Norton
With tightly woven action and high suspence, Andre Norton tells a breath-taking story of time levels in a future world inhabited by heroic men and extraordinary animals. The wise and great Star Lords, who in time past had come to live Gorth, had raised the Gorthian from savages to men of a feudal civilization, but could not agree among themselves whether to give their magic gifts of advanced technology to the natives or to withold them. As the people of Gorth took sides, quarrels arose. Then suddenly the Lords departed in their silver Star ships, leaving behind their empty echoing city, Terranna. Young Kincar, who was of mixed Gorthian and Star blood, joined a handful of Star Lords who had chosen to remain behind. In the midst of battle, he and his comrades escaped through a shimmering Stargate – a device permitting transmigration in time – only to find themselves in a wholly different Gorth. This Gorth existed in a parallel time to their own and was viciously dominated by Star Lords, but these were brutal and powerful. With no chance of return, their Star gate destroyed, could the band of refugees survive against evil forces? Could they right the cruel and terrifying wrongs that so outraged their sense of justice?

Beyond the Burning Time by Kathryn Lasky
The year is 1691, and darkness is gathering in the quiet houses of Salem Village. Twelve-year-old Mary Chase is filled with fear, for several girls have begun to exhibit strange behavior. Can it be true that some of the most respectable and God-fearing folk in Salem are really witches, casting spells on Mary’s friends? As Mary and her widowed mother struggle to run the family farm, they have no idea that the events to come will not only shatter the peace of Salem Village but will also begin one of the most brutal and shocking chapters in American history. Exerp from Beyond the Burning Time – “What’s happening to her face?” Mary asked in horror as she watched the girl’s jaw go slack and then seem to slip out of joint. The girl’s tongue lolled out, long as an eel. Her eyes widened. She began making the most piteous cries. “Do you not see her?” she cried and then she jumped up. It happened so suddenly that Mary and Caleb could not follow the girls flight across the room, but in one swift moment she had leaped into the hearth and had come back swinging firebrands. She began hurling them about the house. Then she raced back to the fireplace. “She’s trying to climb up the chimney,” Mary gasped. But the girl’s uncle and Reverend Lawson pulled her back just in time. “The spector is here in the room. She drives me up the chimney.” “Who? Who?” came the cries. “Tis Goody Nurse. Rebecca Nurse.” The girl said the name loud and clear. Mary and Caleb looked at each other in horror. The second witch had been named.

Back Home by Michelle Magorian
To twelve-year-old Rusty Dickinson, nothing about post-war England feels like home. It’s been five years since she was evacuated to America – and five years since she last saw her mother, who seemingly wants Rusty to be the same quiet English girl she was when she left. But Rusty’s gotten used to saying what she thinks, doing what she likes and standing up for what she knows to be right. She can’t get used to be being seen and not heard! And boarding school is torture. Everything is against the rules, but no one will explain what the rules are. It’s impossible to make friends: the other girls are as bad as the adults, hating her accent and her outspoken ways. The more Rusty sees of England, the more she resolves to stay as American as possible. How can this unfriendly place be home?

The Second Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
A book all about Mowgli’s adventars.

Rosie Swanson: Fourth-grade Geek for President by Barbara Park
Sure she wears geeky-looking glasses and tells on her classmates. But Rosie Swanson knows snitching has it’s good side. After all, thanks to her, Ronald Milligan has stopped blowing his nose in the water fountain. Now, as a part of her ongoing work for the good of the people, Rosie’s running for presidend of fourth grade. She and her pals, Maxie and Earl come up with a brilliant plan to defeat the two most popular kids in her class, soccer star Alan Allan and model wannabe Summer Lynn Jones. Rosie even fights her urge to fink on kids and tries to be “nice to people who make you puke.” But when Alan steals her campaign slogans, it’s time to watch out! Nosy Rosie goes on the warpath.

Murder on Ice by Carlolynn Keene
 weekend on the slope is just what Nancy and Ned need to rekindle their romance. Joined by Bess and George, they head for the mountains – and run straight into deadly peril! First, Nancy’s towline breaks, then she and Ned careen toward cliff’s edge in an out of control Jeep! Among the suspects is a good looking ski instructor who’s already got George falling for him. Nancy’s got to move fast – before an avalanche of murder buries them all

Cool huh? I’ll tell you the other ones tomorrow.
Love Meg


Dear Baby Me,

First off, oh dear. The mention of Greg is the very beginning of what is going to turn into your most boy-crazy time. It’s coming. Like really soon. Sigh. Also, the image of you stalking him around the library (which I have no doubt is exactly what you were doing), not at all subtly hoping he’d come talk to you makes me laugh a little.

Second, let’s go to the other thing. What is wrong with you? Why do you do these super weird things? This totally isn’t the only time you do this either. Every once in a while you were just like “oh hey, I totally feel like spending an inordinate amount of time writing… about nothing.” Because by writing you just meant copying things down. Who just feels compelled to copy things down? I guess we can see that you had moved into your fondness for science fiction by this point. I can’t say I remember even one of these books so I guess none of them stuck. I think my favorite is the description for the Nancy Drew novel (probably number 206 or some ridiculous thing), which sounds terrible.

Sigh. I like you still in spite of your really weird things but I feel bad for the people who read this blog who are suddenly confronted by this wall of text that is not in fact about my life but is almost completely about the backs of books. I would say better luck  next time… except I think the next entry is entirely that. Why were you so weird?

Love, Me


One thought on “Dear Baby Me: June 19, 1995

  1. Murder on Ice is one of those shitty like late-80s/early-90s Nancy Drew FILES books

    I accidentally bought one of those once and I was super disappointed

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