Dear Baby Me: May 19 & 20


Dear Journal,
I had my first period today! I didn’t notice untill I went to the bathroom and there was blood on my underwear. It’s a real pain to have to wear the Maxi pad all the time. I’m outside and it’s a beautiful day!
Love Meg

Dear Journal,
Yesterday I called Monica and we made-up. She’s probably coming to the picnic tomorrow. I sure hope so. Tonight Mert & Mary-Ann came over for dinner. They are very interesting people. We talked untill 9:15 and then they left. I can hardly wait for the picnic tomorrow! It’s gonna be fun. It’s 9:57 and the reason I am not asleep is that dad had to give the boys a shower and I never go to sleep before the boys and they’re getting their teeth brushed. 🙂
Love Meg


Dear Baby Me,

Awwww, it’s your first day as a woman. Or whatever. I will let you know that it does not get any less obnoxious to deal with, although when you someday discover the absolute joy of tampons, it will be a little better. It’s nice you were so cheerful about things though.

Sigh. Of course you called Monica and made up. You are always the person to call. This is not a surprise and as far as childhood friends go, Monica was not the worst but it is definitely indicative of how you deal with conflict.

Also, someday bedtime will not be a competitive experience. But it kind-of amuses me that it is to you right now. Enjoy your picnic.

Love, Me


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