Dear Baby Me: May 18, 1995


Dear Journal,
Sooooo so so sorry I havn’t written. I geuss I’d better fill you in on the past few days. OK Sunday we went to Padilla Bay. You know down by the water? And it was all mud. The trouble started when I decided to take a walk in the mud flats, with Smokey. Well of course we both got muddy. So I went down to the water to wash off. I dragged Smokey in with me. It was muddier in the water then it was out and my sandels pulled off my feet. I found them in the water and threw them up on the beach. I went up to give Mom the dog and she told me to get down there and get my sandels. I went to get them and they weren’t there. The tide had washed them away. I went to Fred Myer and bought new ones. Luckily for me they were having a sale.
Monday mom took me and Monica to an Elizabethan presentation wich was really good. It was kind-of gross in some parts. For instance they threw all their garbage out on the streets and it was called hogs-wallow because when the pigs were driven by in the morning they eat and wallow in it. Whenever you want to dump out the contents of your ‘chamber pot’ you were required by law to yell “Hogs-wallow”! so that everybody had a chance to flatten themselves against the wall and pray they don’t get hit by whatevers coming. Gross, huh? Also they were covered with fleas and lice. The bed they slept in and the clothes they wore. They only had two baths in their entire lives! One was after they were born and the other was on their wedding day. It got pretty gross sometimes but it was interesting.
Tuesday we had our window put in and we went on the Meels on Wheels tour. It was OK. We didn’t get to go in at all. Mom says we have to do it one more time with somebody else then we can do it on our own. We’re doing it again on Monday. Wendesday night I went to a rock concert with Monica and it was loud. It was literally bouncing off the walls! But it was fun. We had three groups, Grammatrain, Jabba and Adams Apple. It would have been a thouroughly enjoyable evening except I broke up with Monica. I didn’t mean to it’s just that I was tired and I felt left out because she didn’t seem to want me anywhere near her and I didn’t, and still don’t, understand why. But we broke up and I didn’t get a chance to apolagize.
Today Icy and her family came over at eleven thirty and left at 4:30. Friday we’re going to meet Aunt B at Arby’s for lunch, Saturday we’re having company for dinner and Sunday we’re going to the Homeschool Picnic. So there isn’t one free day this week.
Love Meg
P.S. I didn’t get home until 11:00 from the rock concert. 🙂


Dear Baby Me,

I’m going to start off by saying what I wish someone had told you then – it’s really not that big of a deal about your sandals. Yes, it was a silly thing for you to do. Yes, they were saltwater sandals which were not especially cheap. But seriously. You are 12 years old. Your mom yelled at you and made you feel so stupid for this and it wasn’t fair and it wasn’t nice and not “luckily for you they were having a sale.” It was just a dumb thing that kids do sometimes and next time you wouldn’t do that. She didn’t have to be so mean to you and you are not as dumb as you are thinking you are right now – just kind-of careless with things sometimes. You’ll grow out of it.

I’m not sure you fully understand what breaking up with means. Also, you need better friends. I’m really sad to tell you that you’re not going to find better friends for actually kind-of a long time. What I will tell you is that it’s okay to be hurt when your friend doesn’t want you anywhere near them. That’s not a super friendly sort of thing to do. Also, when someone does something shitty to you like that, you are not actually required to apologize. I will not pretend that as an adult you have grown out of this tendency (spoiler alert: you have totally not grown out of this tendency) but honestly, she should probably be apologizing to you. It’s okay to be hurt.

Also, someday, in the magical land that is being a grown-up, you will get to be up till 11 or midnight all the time. You’ll be tired sometimes but honestly, it is still totally awesome. Because nights are the best.

Hang in there, kiddo. I won’t say things are anywhere near getting better but you know. Enjoy the little things while you can.

Love, Me


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