Dear Baby Me: May 10, 1995


Dear Journal,
Sorry I didn’t write yesterday. I meant to but didn’t think of it. Ashleys having surgery today. It wasn’t her thyroid and now they think it’s something else. If it is the pain will be gone. I saw her yesterday and she was scared, I mean scared. I can’t really blame her, I mean I’d be going up the wall!
Verda’s been in the hospital for awhile. She came home yesterday. Dale says she’s weaker then he’s ever seen her.
I sure hope she doesn’t die, that would be awful!
My mom was talking to this friend of hers from bible study that works above the senior citizens center. Mom was saying that she’d like us to be part of meals on wheels which is an oganazation that brings food to people who can’t come out of their houses. Mary Ann (that’s the friends name) said she’d give them our name if mom wanted. Mom said “okay” and a little later a lady from there called us and we’re going on a sort of tour thing on Thursday I think. I take that back, we’re going next Tuesday. Bye!
Love Meg
P.S. We are going to make Verda a get well card today.

Dear Baby Me,

I am kind-of amused by your extreme reactions to everything. I don’t actually remember this conversation with Ashley but I wonder how you knew she was so scared. That’s not the sort of thing the two of you would have really talked about. I can’t imagine her telling you that. All the same, I’m sure she was scared because surgery at 13 isn’t like a super fun thing to do.

Also, while this sounds kind-of harsh, the truth is that you barely knew Verda. She was sick the whole time you knew her and you only saw her very occasionally and were kind-of scared of her when you did because she was old and sick and you were a kid who really did not know how to deal with those things. Mostly you knew Dale. On the other hand, there really had not been (and still hasn’t been) much death in your life, so the idea probably was upsetting to you.

Speaking of old and sick people, that’s mostly what Meals on Wheels would be, so a benefit of that gig was that you would start getting a little more comfortable with the idea of being around people in weaker conditions and such. I also wonder what your get well card looked like.

Love, Me


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