Dear Baby Me: May 2 & 4, 1995


Dear Journal,
I’m certain I’ll owe mom a doller today. It’s 1:00 and I havn’t even started my work yet. I wonder if they’ll have Gym Night tonight. Last Tuesday nobody showed up except Monica and me. It was a ripoff.
Gotta go!

Dear Journal,
Sorry I didn’t write yesterday. Forgot. Tuesday Monica called and said they cancelled Gym Night – for good! Isn’t that awful? I thought so anyway. Also Monica asked if I could come over today, so today is gonna be busy. I have to finish my school, go to kids klub, go home and eat supper, go to Bible Study and then go to bed. Monica’s mom might take us for lunch at Arby’s to! This time I’ll watch very carefully what I order. Last time I orderded a Super – Yuck! A Super has a bunch of lettuce and tomato and some sort of gross sauce on it – Yuck ! I meant to order the Gient which just has a lot of roast beef on it and is deliscious. This time I will make sure to order the Gient – Yummy!
Well I gotta go! Bye!
Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

I am sorry you were so distressed about Gym Night. I feel like this is probably the last time you will ever be sad about not being able to participate in a sports oriented thing. I don’t know that it was awful. But either way, I think you recovered admirably.

I also like that you spent over half your entry explaining the horrors of Arby’s Super. I do remember this. Monica’s mom was super annoyed with you that she had spent so much money on your sandwich only to have you look at it in horror and barely touch it. That was not your best day. I can’t help but notice that you were so distressed about all of this that your spelling seems to have taken a nosedive.

Talk to you soon.

Love, Me



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