Dear Baby Me: April 28 & May 1, 1995


Dear Journal,
Today is vacuuming day. YUCK! Mom told me today that starting Monday if I didn’t get all my work done by 3:30pm I’d have to pay her a whole doller! And she’s not going to remind me either! That’s about all I’ve got to say. Bye!
Love Meg

Dear Journal,
Sorry I havn’t written. Busy ya know. The play was yesterday. It went great! I want to do it again though. Just about everybody came. Dale & Verda, Grandma M, Aunt Nancy, Aunt B… Grandma K was gonna come but she didn’t feel good so she didn’t. Last night I went to the Contenentals concert with mom. It was good. They said that you can be a young Continental when your 13 but mom said I have to wait till I’m 16 or 17! Isn’t that awful? Also mom was gonna sign up to take one of the Continentals for the night but she forgot so we didn’t get to. I was soo dissapointed.
Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

Bad news – you still hate vacuuming. And now you’re a grown up so you have to do it. Which is almost worse than being told. No one pays you. Although no one forces you to give them a dollar either, so there’s that going for it. But no one reminds you of your chores ever. Being a grown-up is a strange mixed bag but it is honestly much better.

I had totally forgotten about the Continentals until exactly now. They danced to Christian songs and sang them. Why you thought you could do this, I do not know. I mean, you could sing but you did not have any coordination (that also has not changed) and I can’t imagine you doing great in a situation where you had to dance regularly. Also, what made you think that your mom would send you on a bus for months at a time away from home? I mean, really that probably would have been cool for you possibly but… that was not happening. Oh well, hope springs eternal. If it helps, by the time you were 16 or 17 (or realistically, by the time you were 13), you had completely forgotten about the existence of the Continentals. Passing fancies were a thing for you but they seemed very intense at the time. But I do particularly like the “isn’t that awful?” as if it will just be apparent why that would be the world’s worst thing.

I actually wonder if your mom was lying to you about how she meant to sign up to take one home for the night and didn’t. That seems like something she would have hated, although you obviously would have loved it. But maybe not, I remember a few other times in your childhood when she took in kids for various reasons for a night or two for church things. Either way, it’s cool. There will be other strangers to bother in your future, I promise you.

Love, Me


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