Dear Baby Me: April 27, 1995


Dear Journal,
Last night we jumped on the Hannahs tramp until it got dark. It was fun! Also last night Nathen told me what girl he really really likes. Geuss who it is? Rachel! He swears to God (I know thats not good but thats how he put it) that once when he went inner tubing he was in the same inner tube with her! He made me swear not to tell anyone. He said if I did… Whamo! He’d give me a good hard knuckle sandwich. I believe him. I wonder if Rachel has any idea that he likes her so much. He says the only girl prettier then her is his sister Reawin. His sister is gourgous. His mother divorced his father to marry his fathers best friend! Isn’t that awful? I’ve always felt sorry for Nathen.
Well I’ve gotta go. Math ya know.
Love Meg
P.S. I’m going to start doing two pages of math every day except Tuesday and of course Wendesday. The reason is I don’t want to be doing math all summer.
P.S.S. Nathen is 10 years old.

Dear Baby Me,

I am in love with every part of this entry. I cannot figure out quite what you thought was so scandalous about the possibility of Nathan having been in the same inner tube as Rachel but clearly it was quite exciting. Also I love that you had to clarify that swearing to God was bad but for the sake of accuracy, you know. I’m going to be honest and say that I do not think you really believed he would “give you a knuckle sandwich” but I do think that you were thrilled and kind-of delighted that someone  had made such an exciting threat to you. I also particularly enjoy that you added in that Nathan was 10 as a second afterthought, as if this was vitally important in some unknown way.

I won’t lie, I cannot follow exactly what you were thinking or how on all this but I find it pretty thoroughly delightful.

Love, Me


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