Just Stuff


Well as the most important thing… I GOT INTO FAIRHAVEN! Apparently to the surprise of absolutely no one but me. But I was surprised enough for everyone. The acceptance came just in time. The day it came my nerves were moving into actual panic mode. So I’m sure that everyone who loves me is as relieved as me… or possibly more so. Now I am just insanely excited. I have an advising appointment in three weeks, hopefully I will know even more things then.

I think it’s just a huge weight off my shoulders to know for sure what I’ll be doing in September. And also just… you know. It seems practically like yesterday I was planning to go to school and now I’m planning my graduation and to go to a real school and it’s scary and exciting and a whole lot of other things. Life is so weird.

In other news I went to my appointment with my new counselor today and I liked her. I felt like we were on the same page, which is very important obviously. We’ll be meeting every other week. She has decided to maintain my ADD diagnosis (thank goodness) and also give me a diagnosis of acute stress disorder because the insurance company will want a specific thing as to why I am experiencing anxiety and this will satisfy them, because she thinks it mostly matches what I’m describing about my current circumstances, and also because it can be a short term diagnosis. So that’s exciting. Love collecting diagnoses.

That is about the extent of my life right now. Except that I am trying to do all the homework and also cleaning my entire house this weekend between working because my stupid landlords are coming over this weekend and they’re always insanely intense and giving me crap about the house and I just don’t want to deal with that. So today there was an insane amount of laundry, giving the dog a bath, cleaning the bathroom and doing the dishes and kitchen sink before I went to work for 7 hours. Tomorrow there will be even more.

So. That’s my life.


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