Dear Baby Me: April 26, 1995


Dear Journal,
I’m sooooo sorry I havn’t written. I’ll try to do better. I had this dream a couple of nights ago. It was weird. It started out with this snake. We kept being in church and this snake kept coming and scaring everybody off. One day I think we were in church, but it looked more like the seating for the audience in a game show. The snake came down and tickled somebodys nose with it’s tail. Everybody screamed and ran out except us. We just kind-of walked out to the auditorium and started talking and um… Oh! I give up, I can’t explain the dream no matter how hard I try! The end was mostly pictures and I can’t explain them and I’ll bet nobody else can either. So there! Humph!
Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

This is kind-of adorable. No one is forcing you to tell your dream, you know. It’s okay if you can’t. Also it’s amusing that the snake was tickling people’s noses. Were you watching Jungle Book recently? I guess the best part here is just your embracing of the dramatic for no real reason. It’ll continue to be a thing.

Love, Me


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