Dear Baby Me: April 21


Dear Journal,
Today Joel slammed the door on my head! It really hurt! Mom said we both had to stay in our rooms untill I was done with my school. You’re the last thing, I’m making him wait in there as long as I can to punish him and I’m not gonna speak to him for a while. Right now he’s stomping and yelling “I’m starving”! I’m glad of it to. I wouldn’t come out except I have to cause it’s vacuuming day. Yuck!
Love Meg

Dear Journal,
I know twice in a day is a bit much from me but… Well Mom says she’s thinking of getting us a babysitter tonight. I doubt it’ll be Randie though.
Love Meg


Dear Baby Me,

I’m really amused by the petty vindictive thing you have going on here. Also by the fact that both you and your brother are like embracing the melodrama so wholeheartedly. I feel like it’s important to mention for the reading audience that I am pretty sure your little brother did not intentionally slam the door on your head and that most likely what actually happened is you were both chasing each other and fighting or even playing and door slamming happened. Seriously, we were not violent children. I also like that your version of making him wait was writing like eight sentences.

Also, you and your love of babysitters. I guess enjoy it while it lasts, not too much longer until you’re the only babysitter.

Love, Me


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