Dear Baby Me: April 20, 1995


Dear Journal,
Sorry I haven’t written. I’ll try to do better. Yesterday was pretty neat. Went to Marysville, stayed at Grandmas, then went to Ashleys. Today kids klub had a rehearsal. I knew my part almost perfect. This Sunday they’re having another rehearsal after church. They’re feeding us lunch and geuss what we’re having? PIZZA!! The Sunday after next Sunday we’re going to have the actual play. I’m getting kind-of nervous.
Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

This is a weird part of my life to look back on now. I forget and have a hard time connecting with these couple of years when I was in the major church play every year and it was like a big part of my life. In fact, for like three years in a row you were the lead. I have to tell you that it’s not because you were such an amazing actor but more because you had a fair voice and didn’t get stage fright and were very good at memorizing lines. Also, I will say that the one thing that has not changed, you loved being in front of people. I remember how you used to get nervous but it was always a rush and you always wanted to do it again.

I would also like to say that your enthusiasm over pizza is super adorable. Like this is just the single best thing that could ever possibly happen to you. That’s pretty sweet. I had pizza like a week ago and it was fine but I definitely was not in a place of like capitalizing and two exclamation points over it. Some things we grow out of and that’s too bad.

Love, Me


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