Things That Make Me Smile


Well, I started back working at McDonald’s this week. I’m very tired and my knee and feet hurt. It’s always the standing on hard floors that get to me. However, I will say that one of the biggest things that has changed for me since I used to work there in my early 20’s is how much I genuinely like people now. So while occasionally people are mean or whatever, overall I tend to be more drawn to the stories that made me smile, the people I noticed that made me happy. I will just note a couple, because my last entry was fairly depressing and because, as I’ve mentioned before, I think it’s important to point out small things that are beautiful.

Today an old man came in wearing a hat covered in a pattern of bright pink and yellow daisies. It was seriously one of the best things I have ever seen. I immediately wanted to become best friends with him and follow him everywhere. When he ordered I realized that might be hard because he was deaf and I don’t know how to sign… but I’m not going to say that would necessarily stop me. I mean, seriously. What a freaking awesome person. I hope when I am old I wear whatever I feel like and that sometimes it is absolutely outrageous and awesome in every way imaginable. I think that is a goal I didn’t know I had until right now.

Our “girl” toys right now (and on a less cheerful note, I hate having to reinforce boy/girl stereotype bullshit by asking if customers want a little boy or a little girl toy. Sigh. But on a more amusing note, what exactly does it say about me that I automatically typed “boy” instead of “girl” toy for that? :P) are My Little Pony. We just started them today and when I found that out the first thought that flitted across my mind was, “Are we going to get bronies coming in?” And you guys, we did. Today I saw my very first bronies in the wild and it was every bit as delightful and exciting as I might have hoped. They skipped in, they seemed to have a video camera, one of them was wearing a sweater with a bow tie and a newsboy cap. Apparently they had been to several different stores and we were the first one to have the toy that they needed. I was doing a lobby check, tragically I did not get to interact or even hear the full conversation but I was absolutely in heaven all the same.

And last but not least, a dad came up to order with his kids today and his little girl (maybe 10 or 11?) ordered her meal with a large drink and her dad was like, wait what? No, you only need a medium. And she turned to him with incredibly wide eyes and was like “But DAD. It’s only a DOLLAR!” I feel that this story probably misses on the page because I cannot possibly capture the level of amazing attitude she had going on but she was perfect and possibly also my new hero. She still got the medium but it was amazing.

People are very nice and patient with me with the training, in spite of the fact that dammit, coffee is so confusing. Sigh. I wish I drank coffee because I feel like if this was a substance I drank sometimes than I would not have such a hard time remembering all of the frappes and lattes and whatever other tes there are. But you know. I’ll get there.

So, those are my stories. Happy weekend, people.


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