Recovering (From) Faith: World Vision Caves


I know my schedule has been a bit off. You would think that being on break would make it easier for me to post on time but actually it makes it harder. For whatever it’s worth, I did actually write this yesterday, it was just very late and I needed to run it by someone before I posted it. So you know. The “today” references are actually yesterday. Anyway, sorry, sorry, I’ll try to do better. 😛


Today the evangelical church held a financial gun to the head of World Vision organization and, with so much backing on the line, they caved. They reversed their decision of a few days ago to allow the hiring of LGBT individuals in their organizations. They apologized the conservative gatekeepers for their original decision to attempt to take a step towards treating LGBT people like human beings, admitted it as the grevious mistake it clearly must have been.

This keeps happening you know. Over and over again, they say these things.They talk about Jesus but it’s so clear that there are more important things than Jesus to them. It’s more important that LGBT people are not treated as equal than it is to feed hungry children. It’s more important to support the politics than it is to support compassion. It’s not what it used to be. I’m not part of it. In some ways it’s like family I’m kind-of embarrassed by. We may not talk anymore but it’s hard to leave them behind completely.

But at the same time this is not just about a tiny segment. This is real world consequences, these are real people being damaged and hurt. Can you imagine the difference it would make if the evangelical church decided there were more important things than the gay rights movement? Homophobia would obviously not disappear but imagine the difference. I’m just tired, guys. Just tired and wish there was a way to burn it all down and start from scratch.

It wasn’t the first loss. They add up. And as long as people keep caving to the gun to their heads, the gatekeepers keep winning. They set the rules and they bully and threaten and scream until they get their way. I don’t want to believe they’re winning and most days I don’t but days like today I get so afraid that they are.


4 thoughts on “Recovering (From) Faith: World Vision Caves

  1. It’s always been strange to me that today’s Christian worries more about themselves and their outward appearance than their inward appearance before God and how that reflects outwardly towards others…very peculiar.

    • God is complicated. Turns out all that talk about feeding widows and orphans and how that was like the most important thing was totally not true. The most important thing was ACTUALLY “protect the world from gay people.” We just didn’t know it.

      • God’s not complicated. People are.

        God cares for the widows and orphans, that will always remains true. It’s just that the people who are feeding the widows and orphans in the name of God don’t get the same media attention that the people who are a part of the issues regarding same-sex rights receive.

  2. Heh. Well, mostly that was me being kind of sarcastic and all. I don’t actually think the media is so much the problem here though, tbh. Certainly there are people who are working hard, with or without faith, to care about people. But I really think that the fundamentalist church in America has lost the road map. I’m not sure they’ll get it back. Maybe. I think people are definitely capable of change. But I also think it’s a lot harder when they’ve managed to convince themselves that their prejudice and hate is part of the god they serve.

    I’m genuinely trying to not be a cynical person anymore. Overall I think I do pretty well. But it’s pretty hard to look at an institution like this without it.

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