Dear Baby Me: April 17, 1995


Dear Journal,
Sorry I didn’t write I’ve been busy. Yesterday was Easter Sunday and we went to Aunt Nancy’s, it was fun. Me, Joel and Aunt B went for a walk to the park, Joel found out he was pretty good at doing flips on the bars. It was fun except I got a blister because all I brought was sandels to walk with.
Love Meg
P.S. Randie was great!

Dear Baby Me,

What could you possibly have been busy doing? I mean, seriously. You’re 11 years old. You don’t have school in any realistic sense of the word. Your biggest social engagements were taking a walk to the park and getting babysat. Was writing a paragraph or two really too much to squeeze into that frightfully busy schedule?

I suspect my brother would be quite surprised at this point in his life to hear that he was quite good at doing flips on the bars. None of us have ever exactly been the athletic type.

Also, Randie. I did love Randie. I think I honestly just loved any babysitter I ever had. People who were literally paid to have to pay attention to me. How great of an idea was that? I hope I wasn’t super annoying. (I suspect I was super annoying)

Love, Me



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