Dear Baby Me: April 11, 1995


Dear Journal,
I asked Jesus into my heart today! I always said I had before but I never did. My friend Ashley, she’s going to the doctors today. She’s had this pain in her jaw every time she eats, other times to sometimes and the doctor thinks it might be her thyroid. So at 11:30 today she’s going to see. If it is then all she’ll have to do is take a pill every day for a while and it’ll go away! Then she won’t ever have that pain again! Isn’t that cool?
Love Meg
P.S. As you can probably tell I’ve decided to write in cursive from now on.

 Dear Journal,
I forgot to tell you why my handwriting was so bad on 4/8/95. It was because I’d forgotten that day so I was doing it under the covers with a flashlight. Tonight sometime before seven Monica’s picking me up and taking me to this thing called Gym Night that her church is sponsering. I’ve gotta go cause I’ve still got work to do. Bye!
Love Meg
P.S. Gym night sounds like it’ll be really fun!

Dear Baby Me,

Here is a point where I wish you would have added a bit more detail. What inspired you to ask Jesus into your heart on this random April Tuesday? Not even a Sunday or a Wednesday so it’s not like there was a church thing going on. Did you tell anyone besides trusty journal? Was this one of your moments of concern that you were not really saved? I can tell, based on your two sentences, that it was a momentous occasion for you. Congratulations, I guess?

I do very much enjoy your enthusiasm over how Ashley will never have to feel that pain again if she just takes a pill. That’s super sweet. I am also very amused by your enthusiasm over anything called “gym night.” Apparently you have not yet realized that you are totally uncoordinated and really kind of hate anything to do with sports. It’s nice that you’re still trying things out and eagerly anticipating them. Kind-of adorable.

It is unfortunate (by which I mean fortunate) that our readers here are spared your short stint at trying cursive. Which is practically illegible. Or your terrible handwriting on April 8th. I will say that the under the covers with a flashlight brings back many memories. The number of times I got in trouble for having stowed away flashlights to read with after lights out…

Love, Me


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