Bad Christian Movies


This weekend I am slogging my way through finals and such. I am making progress and have two days to go so you know, it is what it is. But next weekend I will be spending it with some of my very favorite people. David and Julie and the Superhero and we’re going to have all sorts of fascinating talks that we’ve been planning for literally months and we’re going to watch movies. Okay, the Superhero is opting out of the movies because she does not understand why we love to watch terrible Christian film. Currently the one that David found on Netflix the other day that I’m amused and excited by is this.


I’m not sure if I can explain exactly what it is that draws me to these. Julie and I have been watching one almost every week for months now. They’re often enraging and frankly those are the better ones. The worst ones are just boring (I have faith that Last Ounce of Courage will not be boring; did you note how the villain is a cigar chomping black man?). I truly do love great film and these are about as insulting towards that as you can possibly get. Often they’re not even good bad movies. But I just keep going back, they scratch some kind of particular itch for me. I suppose to some extent righteous indignation is just satisfying. It feels good to be sure you’re on the right side of the fence, especially if you were on the other side before. To some extent it’s just baffling. “Is there a law that says you can’t bring a Bible to school?” Why no sir. No there is not, nor are there people doing locker searches for Bibles. Whether it’s making up laws against Bibles or screeching about the war on Christmas (this movie apparently hits ALL OF THESE THINGS somehow), watching American Christians create their own persecution is somehow an endlessly entertaining sport. I don’t know if it’s good or bad but it is a remarkably fun way to spend a weekend. And seriously. Did you see the size of the flag on that man’s motorcycle? That’s how you know how dedicated to FREEDOM he really is.


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