Dear Baby Me: April 10, 1995


Dear Journal,
So sorry I didn’t write yesterday. I forgot. I had a horibble dream last night. I’ll tell you about it. First I was with somebody, a boy I think. I was in Walla-Walla walking down the street to where my Grandma Mork lives and the boy was walking with me. I was almost there when all of a sudden something made me want to turn around. I did and I saw this huge thing (it was probaly about four feet tall) coming at me, fangs bared. Even in my dream though, I couldn’t really have described it. I started running toward Grandma’s dragging the boy with me, it was then that that part of the dream sort-of abrubtly stopped and brought me to another part. I was with the boy again and I was in a nursery and my brother Joel, his friend Austin and two little girls from my church were there. The boy was talking to me about the thing that had chased us in Walla-Walla. “They’re really quit nice” he was saying, “but if they eat off a certain tree they turn ferocious.” “We have one here, would you like to come see it?” I geuss I said yes because next thing I knew he was taking me down some stairs into a brightly colored playroom with a lot of brightly colored coushions. I could see the thing but I still could’nt of described what it looked like. Then all of a sudden I was outside and some thing was telling the dog-thing inside “Eat the roots of the tree” over and over again. It turned around and I gasped and with good reason. It was nightmarish just to look at that thing. What it looked like was what I had always thought on of the Noghri would look like. The Noghri are a type of alien in the Star Wars book I’m reading. It said “Blast! “ There’s to many people around for it to be tempted enough”! One more tree should tempt it enough but without a human brain I can’t make another tree.” “I’ll just have to get another one, I think I’ll use Joel’s.” He turned to me and said “you will take me in and bring me to the nursery.” I don’t know why I did it. But I did. Next thing I knew I was walking in the door of my Awana church, with my head in front of his face. I took my place where the Gaurds always stand and Candy was in the center. She turned to me and said “Doesn’t Jana want to see”? I said “No Ma’m, she doesn’t mind.” I’d better tell you what this guy was wearing. He was wearing a long brown monks robe with the hood up. He was carrying a long brown scepter with jewels at the top. Don’t ask me why Candy didn’t notice. Then she said “Let’s eat boys and girls.” Everybody crowded to the tables. Except us, we went upstairs. We stopped at the nursery door and I begged him not to do my brother. I said “How ‘bout one of the girls”? He said “No, I don’t do girls.” I said “How about Austin?” He said, “OK.” All of a sudden Austin started walking around like a zombie. Then we were outside again and he kept popping out from different places saying “We got a tree”! “We got a tree”! Then me, the boy, my brother Joe l and I think my dad, were tied around this huge tree. Then we were free but since he was about to kill us, it didn’t really matter. I’m not sure what he was going to kill us with, I think it was a blaster. Then I woke up. I just had to finish the dream, so I pretended that all of a sudden I knew everything about him. I pretended if I said some words (I’m not quite sure what they were cause I was still half asleep but I said them) then everything would freeze except me, an ax would appear on the ground and if I could chop his scepter in half with one blow then him and his trees would melt. I did, so everybody lived happily ever after.
Love Meg
P.S. I think the thing looked like a huge dog.

Dear Baby Me,

Your spelling gets far more spectacular when you have more to say. I must say that I actually do remember this dream, although probably just because I wrote it down. I find the image of the guy popping out from behind various places, cartoon style, announcing that “we got a tree” fairly comical. I think it’s nice that you saved the day in that dream. I don’t remember having a lot of dreams where that’s the case, although the trait of waking up and then going half back to sleep to “finish” the dream is something I still do today.

Can I just say that I love that your dream villain was saying “Blast”? What on earth were we reading?

Anyway, your nightmares are going to get a bit more exciting as you get older so enjoy the strangely adorable quirks of this one for the moment, I guess.

Love, Me


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