Dear Baby Me: April 8, 1995


Dear Journal,
Today Lacey came over. We tried to plan for the CPC baby shower but we didn’t get very far, since she only stayed for about 45 minutes and we had to eat lunch first. That’s all I have to say.
Good Night!
Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

It may surprise you to hear that all these years down the line, you are not quite so excited about a thing like a baby shower for Crisis Pregnancy Center. Which I guess doesn’t matter, since you never actually did it anyway. I’m not sure where you even came up with the idea. Did your mom suggest it? Did you call them and they suggested it? I remember it was a project for an Awana badge but I know you never actually went through with it. From what I can recall, you really weren’t getting any help from anyone and the idea of putting something like that together was well beyond your capabilities. You wouldn’t have had a clue where to begin. Heck, even now something like that would be challenging for me, I can’t imagine putting it on an 11 year old. That is not where my talents lie.

Anyway. You’re not going to finish the project but I wouldn’t worry about it. CPC is really not the most awesome and you do have other skills. Organization of projects involving multiple people will never be high on the list.

Love, Me


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