Dear Baby Me: April 7, 1995


Dear Journal,
I just found out I’m going to have to keep you at camp to. No offense, I mean I sort-of like you, but at camp? That’s gonna be pretty hard. I just finished the first Star Wars book in a trilogy, and it was great! The only problem is it stopped at one of the most exciting parts and I have to wait till dad finshes the second one and says it’s okay. He’s a pretty slow reader but it’s not his fault, if he had most of the day to read like I do, then he’d be a pretty fast reader. I geuss I’ll just have to wait. Oh! geuss what? Monica’s not moving away, they took their house off the market. That’s the good news. The bad news is that Jana is moving away. All the way to Ellensburg! I’ll probably never see her again! Just my luck! My only friend in Sunday school and kids klub, moving away!
Unhappily & happily yours

Dear Baby Me,

I would not excite yourself too much about the camp thing. No matter what your mom may say, you’re not really going to keep your journal much at camp, which is a shame because like many other times, I wish you had kept more of a record of what actually happened.

I would like to point out that it is okay for you to say that your dad is not a fast reader. It does not require you to immediately quantify it with how he doesn’t have as much time as you or try to explain away what you said. You were not actually saying anything bad about your dad and even if you had been, no one was reading it. It makes me a little sad to read that part.

I very dimly remember Jana as a super tall and awkward girl who was the only person you had to hang out with at your parents church. So that was sad. Hang in there, kiddo. It’ll take a couple years, but I swear you will make friends.

Love, Me


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