Dear Baby Me: April 6, 1995


Dear Journal,
I’m sooooo sorry I haven’t written lately. I’ll try to do better. We returned the rats and I finished the rough draft of the first chapter of my story. This week is spring brake, so kids klub is called off but Kathy said that if we wanted to come she’d be there and we could run through the play. I’m going but Jared’s not. Last Monday I finished all the verse part in my book. All I’ve got left is the crafts. Shirley says whoever says or does the most sections gets a prize and the prize is the kite we made for the contest. I’m going to do six (I think).
Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

First I have to pause to say… the first chapter of your story?? How long was this story? My very hazy recollection of it was that it was like a page or two but suddenly I’m picturing something much more epic. What could possibly have happened in the lives of three rats that merited multiple chapters? I really wish I had held onto these things but I was always careless with loose papers.

Also, you were running things together there. I believe the first part you were talking about kids klub but when you start talking about the verse part in your book, you’re actually talking about Awana. It’s funny reading this now and realizing that even as a kid you wanted to do the best at the homework and get all of the things done. You didn’t win this particular thing but I remember another time in Sunday school where there was a contest, just in fun, to see who could come up with the most names for God. You sat for hours and hours (this was before you had internet) and read not only through the Bible but also through every single hymnal and any other book you could think of that might have names. I think your teachers were a little overwhelmed when you came back with approximately like 700 different names for God. It’s possible you’ve always been a bit of an overachiever, although no one will tell you this and you’re not going to figure it out for a really long time. It’s okay that you didn’t win. I’m sure you did a lot of things in the book and you wouldn’t have really done anything with that kite anyway.

Love, Me


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