Dear Baby Me: Entry 4


April 1, 1995
Dear Journal,
I’m very sorry I didn’t write yesterday. THE RATS DIDN’T COME!! Carmen completely forgot to send them. I was so dissipointed, I cried for half an hour!
Love Meg

April 3, 1995
Dear Journal,
The rats came! Carmen felt so bad that I didn’t get the rats, that she brought them yesterday when they came to pick up Josiah and have dinner here. I get to keep them in my room till Wendesday! I’ve decided to write a story about them instead of Star Wars. It’s going to be called A day in the life of Peanuts, Blackie and Daisy May. I’m starting it today.
Love Meg

Dear Baby Me,

I am very sorry that you had this traumatic experience of the rats not arriving for an extra 24 hours. I can see that it affected you deeply. I can see this due to the exclamation points, underlining and worse than usual spelling you were employing. I assume you were simply overcome with emotion. I wanted to include both of these entries so we could get the full arc of the rat saga because otherwise people might be left hanging in your misery with you.

Mostly I want to say I guess that rats are nice but perhaps not quite worth working yourself into a state of complete and utter despair over. Also, I am disappointed because I know that you did in fact write the epic story of A Day in the Life of Peanuts, Blackie and Daisy May (your skill for titles was amazing, btw, and it will not get much better) but tragically it has been lost to various moves and whatever else. I don’t remember much about it but I’m sure it included things like them running on their rat wheel, eating food, drinking water. I don’t feel like you yet understood the dynamics of a story or that they needed things like a conflict so you may have just written everything you saw the rats do. Nevertheless, I’m sure it was remarkable and I’m sorry it’s been lost.

Hold your head up, don’t worry too much about the rats. These things will generally take care of themselves, I promise you.



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