Dear Baby Me: Entry 3


March 30, 1995
Dear Journal,

I’m so sorry I didn’t write yesterday. I totally forgot. Since I forgot yesterday, I’ll tell you about yesterday today. It was a reguler Wendesday. I started by going to Grandmas. After lunch we went to the park and stayed there for about an hour. Half the time we watched the kids play. Not my brothers, the school kids at recess. I was sure I saw Amy, but I was to shy to go over and say hello. Then we went to Dairy Queen and had a hot fudge sundae. After that Grandma dropped me off at Ashley’s and we played awile. Now for today. What I forgot to tell you is this, Ashleys little brother, Josiah, is coming for the weekend because their mom and dad won a trip somewhere. Now I love Josiah, but the night he’s coming mom and dad have a Bible study and I have to watch him. A three year old! The good thing about is that all three of their rats are coming to and I get to keep them in my room. Cool, huh?
Love Meg
P.S. 1 Yesterday and today were warm so I got to wear shorts.
P.S. 2 I might write later.

Dear Baby Me,
It will take you years to learn how to spell Wednesday correctly, which is okay because it’s a stupidly hard word to spell for kids for some reason but every time I look at these old journals, it is one of the words that make me wince. Now then. On to other things.
I actually remember this day that you’re talking about. I remember sitting on the park bench and being totally sure that the little girl playing with all the other kids was Amy, who you had known for basically your entire life at that point. But when Grandma kept encouraging you to go say hi, you kept saying no. And I think it’s because you were afraid she wouldn’t want to talk to you, afraid that in front of her real friends she would be mean or embarrassed or something. That had happened with Ashley multiple times before and since you never really understood why I think you were a bit gunshy by this point and that makes me sad. It’s going to be a while before you really have any idea how to make friends or understand what makes people do what they do. I promise someday you’re going to have really amazing friends but someday is still a ways off and there are going to be more than a few speed bumps on the way.
On a final note, I completely forgot just how exciting it used to be to be allowed to wear shorts. Generally mom made us wait until it was 62 degrees out and we used to beg her when it was less. When you get older, wearing shorts will not actually be a super exciting prospect, so enjoy that.


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