Dear Baby Me: Entry 2


March 28, 1995
Dear Journal,
Boy am I DUM! Last night was Awana store and I bought an airplane for my friend Monica and a sticky ball. This morning I threw the sticky ball up and it hit the ceiling and stuck. Boy was Mom mad and I can’t blame her, that spot it left will never go away. I didn’t mean to Journal, Ounust. I spent the last few minutes crying about it.
P.S. I forgot to tell you yesterday mom say I have to write a story every month or so.
P.S.S. I’ll probably write again later.
P.S.S.S. Today is Tuesday. Yuck! Bathroom cleaning and stuff.
P.S.S.S.S. I’m putting a list of ideas for my story in so you can read them.

Dear Baby Me,
Oh, sweetheart. I kind-of want to hug you here. This is the point where I would need to sit down with you and try to gently explain that your mom is crazy. It is not actually a traumatic, world-ending sort of event to have made such a mistake. You were careless because you were 11 and sometimes kids do things without thinking. That’s pretty normal. I am an adult now and I do things without thinking all of the time. What is not normal is for your mother to go into a full on freak-out mode about this entirely minor incident.

I do not know if the spot on the ceiling ever went away. Strangely, a small grease spot on the ceiling is not something that you really pay much attention to. If it stayed there, I don’t remember it. Try not to beat yourself up quite so intensely for things just because your parents freak out, particularly your mom. I know that you don’t really get that but it’s going to be an issue.

Also, can I say how sweet it is that you bought an airplane for Monica? I missed that the first time reading this. It’s nice to know I liked giving presents even back then.

Finally, holy cow, that is a LOT of P.S.’s. Let me just reassure you that your mother is definitely not going to make you write a story every month. Part of the thing about her is that she is most certainly never going to follow through on that kind of homework consistency. I’m not sure you will ever write more than the one story. Also, I wish you had kept things like the list of ideas for your story, because I’m sure it would have been adorable. Sadly, loose sheets of paper did not hold up as well as notebooks and if Journal did read them…. he’s not talking.


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