This is What Happiness Feels Like


This has been a remarkably good week. I’m just going to talk a little bit about what a lovely week I’ve had because I think it’s nice to talk about nice things and honestly I don’t spend enough time doing it.

1) I got to talk to my very first real live client yesterday. I guess that seems like an odd thing to be excited about, considering that I’m working with domestic violence and sexual assault survivors and obviously I’m not happy that people need our services but I am happy that I felt good about it. I could have done better with offering resources, I don’t know all of the things yet. But I knew enough to listen, I was empathetic, I asked the important questions I’ve been trained to ask and I felt like when she left she felt supported. That seems like a win to me. It’s easy for me to focus on everything I did wrong but in this case I actually am much more interested in what came easily to me, what I did right. I knew without a doubt that this was where I wanted to be, this was all I wanted to do. That was… a pretty amazing feeling.

2) I have spent practically the entire week when I am not in school with David and the Superhero and somehow they are not sick of me yet. There is practically nothing in the world I love more than feeling wanted or cared about, but it’s a hard feeling for me to trust most of the time. I have to admit that they’re so damn consistent and insistent about it that my ability to argue the point is sort-of fading. Maybe really amazing things can just be true and those things can happen to me. Novel.

3) I totally got the debate topic I wanted for my class. I particularly wanted it because it’s one of the topics that I honestly don’t know which side of the fence I’m on. I find this to be really exciting and delightful. I get to research and find an opinion, while coming up with a defense for both sides. I really, really enjoy that kind of thing and I think it’ll be a fun assignment. My topic is “Should faith based programs have access to public funds for drug and alcohol treatment?” I’m really looking forward to researching it over the next few weeks. I’m not super looking forward to writing the paper because I never exactly look forward to writing papers but we get to write one page pro and one page con and then one page with our conclusion. Then the day of, we are told which side we’re defending. It’s not really a debate – we’re just reading off our papers. But it is a project I’m mostly really looking forward to.

4) I got ice cream. I feel like there’s not a lot more that needs to be said on that point.

5) The epic and amazing sleepover that has been being planned in a theoretical sense with David and Julie and I has an actual date set for it now! Right after I finish this quarter, which is like the best reward I can possibly imagine. I get giddy just thinking about it.

6) I finished my book. Which is like the fastest I’ve finished a book in months. I even started a brand new one. This makes me feel insanely accomplished.

7) I passed the 200 mark on my movie list for the year. Granted, compared to last year when I was over 400, hitting 200 now is not that impressive but considering how busy I have been it is still pretty damn respectable. Movie number 200 was a gem called The Encounter: Paradise Lost, which if you like bad Christian films…. actually if you like bad Christian films, go watch Meant to Be on Netflix and have your entire brain exploded. I know that doesn’t sound like an experience to recommend and I don’t know if I recommend it exactly? But it’s one you probably won’t forget anyway.

8) I have a paper to write this weekend that I’m not thrilled about but it’s only 4 to 6 pages and it’s a topic I know pretty well and I have a whole empty house while David and Superhero take a trip for the weekend. So no fighting with my brother over music and I can just get homework done and chill out. Aren’t they wonderful? I may actually even get things done, what a strange concept. I don’t necessarily like doing things but I do like having them done. 😛

Well. I had wanted to get to ten because I really love multiples of five. And I’m sure that at least two other awesome things happened to me this week but I’m blanking so this will have to do. I’ll consider it a lesson in imperfection or something. So… yeah. What a great week.


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