Cheat Entry


I mean, it kind-of is but my BFF tagged me in this thing and the entry I was writing yesterday was lame anyway so I’m going to be lazy and do this instead. This is my last full week of training and I’m hoping that life will settle into a routine that will be easier to deal with after this? That seems statistically unlikely but I can dream. Is it statistically unlikely? Would that be the thing? I feel like it would not be. Whatever.

So basically my friend Julie decided to tag a bunch of her friends in this question thing and I will answer questions and it’ll be like MySpace surveys when we were youngsters except much shorter and with better questions. Also, not when we were youngsters, because we didn’t know each other back then.

So! Questions!

1) What was your favorite book when you were thirteen?

I have… no idea. I am trying to think. Possibly Anne of Green Gables or that series? I loved those books a lot. Or Wrinkle in Time series? I’m really not sure.

2) What irrationally infuriates you?

My brother’s music playing will have that effect on me a lot. Or knuckle cracking sometimes. Umm. I feel like my brother listening to metal music while I’m trying to read/do homework is probably the biggest one. Even if he turns it super low, I CAN STILL HEAR IT.

3) When was the time in like the last year that you felt most ALIVE?

*grins* I… don’t think that’s appropriate for me to post on this public forum. I’ll just say it might have been a roleplay situation with some fighting involved. Otherwise, I think being afraid of cutting some important ties in the last year and some of the intensity that has come with that has led to a few of those moments, actually.

4) How many plants, constellations and birds can you identify?

Probably like…. 2 or 3 constellations, maybe a dozen plants (MAYBE. I mean, are we including flowers, I assume?) and maybe about a dozen birds. Maybe.

5) Which is your favorite scar and what’s the story there?

The only interesting scar I have is on my finger from that time I tried to open the package of cheese by doing the exact thing you’re never supposed to do with a knife and into my finger it went. 9 stitches later, it looks pretty cool.

6) What do you think about the new shit in the DSM-V?  Tell me about your feelings.

Eh, I think it has some hit and miss stuff as far as I can tell. Some of the stuff on substance abuse actually seems pretty okay. I’m not sure how I feel about it as a whole. Tbh, I’m not sure how I feel about the DSM as a whole so this version or the last… now that they’ve removed the entire 5 points of the spectrum or whatever for diagnosing, it’s sort-of a whole new thing. I’m not sure if I think it’s better or worse. I’ve heard both sides of the argument, they both seem to have compelling points. I feel like the whole thing may be nonsense but who knows.  😛

7) Do you think you’re cool?  On what grounds?

Ye gods, no? I mean… I’m pretty sure there’s nothing cool about me really. I’m not like an uber nerd or anything, I think I’m just fairly average. I’m not even sure what cool MEANS exactly.

8) What’s a movie I should see that’s streaming on NF?  I’ll totally watch it.

Ummm… Drive? Did you watch Drive? We were just talking about that one the other night so it’s on my mind.


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